Focusing on your customers – Intelligent Counting

When talking to our clients about how they can best promote themselves, we always recommend that they seek testimonials from their customers – these really help to demonstrate why they’re the right people for the job at hand. In the interests of taking our own medicine, here’s a great example of some of the work […]

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Responsive web design

Responsive design is definitely one of the buzz phrases in the world of web design at the moment. Everyone’s being told that their website should be ‘responsive’ and we’ve been working with a lot of clients recently to ensure their site is up to scratch. But what exactly is responsive web design and why is […]

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Have you reviewed your own website?

Having a website is one of the great marketing tools for your business.  Day and night it’s working for you by enhancing your brand and letting people know about your business and what you do. You might even be selling things through your website so you’re effectively making money while you sleep! But have you […]

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How to handle a Google penalty

Small business website worries – How to handle a Google penalty Just before Mother’s day Google decided to apply a penalty to Interflora which resulted in it effectively disappearing from Google’s results for highly lucrative terms such as “Florists”, “Flowers”, “Floral Gifts” and even “Interflora”. It was a disaster for them and while they haven’t […]

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Call to Action best practice

Website Improvements – Call to Action best practice Have you ever considered what you would define as a “successful” visit to your website?  It’s a simple question but by finding out the answer, you can figure out what you need to do to increase the number of successful visits to your website. For example – […]

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Guest Blogging – some guidelines to follow

Guest Blogging – some guidelines to follow One of the most effective ways of getting links and traffic to your website is by guest blogging. In the past year or two it’s become the most popular link building tactic and it’s currently the trendy way to attract links to your website in a Google-friendly way. […]

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Google Penalties and How They Can Affect You

Google Penalties and How They Can Affect You SEO used to be simple. You did a few simple things to your website and you got good rankings, visitors and revenue from your website. Then people started to abuse Google by doing dodgy things such as hacking websites and hiding text on websites to try to […]

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Unnatural Links Penalty: Does it Make Sense to Remove Links?

In recent months I had to deal with a so called “unnatural links” penalty by Google.  Now you think I’m one of those dirty SEO scoundrels and I deserved it but it wasn’t me, it was a client site I took over some time ago. I made it recover from a penalty originally by cleaning […]

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How I Got Authority Links from the Most Trustworthy Search & SEO Publications

Despite all the social media signals frenzy good old authority links can still propel your site to top rankings. Also despite all the talk about how rankings do not matter anymore, I indeed said it myself already years ago, they sadly do for many of us. That’s why I’d like to recall how I got […]

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Will Google Grab Your Market Next? How to Prepare Now

* I’ve seen it first hand: whole industries shattered by so called Google updates and shortly after Google introducing the exact same offer as the now dwarfed competition. In the UK shortly before Google pushed its Shopping search the Panda update killed off almost all shopping search engines and price comparison sites. Only one site […]

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