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We now have Twitter Tools installed on this blog – so any new blogs will automatically appear in our Twitter account. Check it out here:!/MassMediaDesign

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Another Panda tip

On thing I forgot to mention in my last post about Google Panda was that Panda is a site-wide ‘penalty’.  What this means is that if you have a enough ‘low quality’ pages on your website then the whole site can be affected. That’s worrying – not least because ‘low quality’ isn’t particularly well defined. How […]

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Google Panda 3.3 Update

A little over a year ago we saw Google release the Panda update in the US.  The aim of the update was to remove ‘low quality’ sites from Google’s results.  What that essentially meant was sites that steal content from other sites, smother the page in advertising or generally offered little or no useful information […]

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“Guaranteed Number One Listing on Google!” (not quite…)

We have never promised anyone that we would get their website to the very top of Google.  We promise to use the very best techniques that have proven to deliver fantastic results in the past, but we can’t force Google to do anything.  If they don’t want to put your site at number 1 then […]

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Is your website fast enough?

Back in April, Google announced that the speed of your website is a factor in how they rank your site. That’s not ground-breaking.  If a site is dead slow then it makes sense that people will be less impressed by it and less likely to use it.  If they don’t use it then it’s no […]

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Google gets into the web design business (maybe…)

While I was checking a few search terms, I found Google ranking on page 4 for ‘Web Design Slough’. I’m pretty sure they’re not getting into the web design business in Slough, but it’s a peculiar search result all the same…

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Website designs for inspiration

Many of our new clients, when we’re discussing various styles of websites like to point to other websites that they like the look of. Often the sites are all fairly similar – clean, fresh designs but they never have the ‘wow’ factor. However, it’s possible to have a clean, fresh design that puts a professional […]

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New Google search results page

Google has provided more details about the recent changes to its search results page. Jon Wiley, senior user experience designer at Google, said in a blog post that the new layout is an effort to meet the “rising expectations for search” from increasingly web savvy users. “As the web has evolved over the past decade, […]

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Don’t rely on Google

A while back, Google introduced the Canonical Link Element to help site owners deal with duplicate pages getting indexed in Google (such as printer friendly pages, which have almost exactly the same content as the original article). It’s very widely used now but it’s not 100% accurate and if you make a mistake with it […]

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How to get rid of all your visitors

One of my favourite blogs is Red Cardinal and they have written a great study into how to request car insurance quotes online. With some great screenshots, they’ve shown just how awful some of the major websites make the user experience. Check it out over here:

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