I have over 3500 followers on Twitter and it’s growing every day.  I’m often asked how I manage to do it and the answer is very simple: I give my followers what they want and I interact with them.

The #1 mistake people on Twitter make is that they use it purely for their own gain.  All they want to do is market their own services.  They don’t interact with people and they don’t help people out unless there’s something in it for them.

When I follow someone on Twitter, I’ll often get an automatically generated message saying something like “Hey, thanks for the follow.  Check out my widgets website at http://www.somemediocrewebsite.com”. Frankly, the last thing I’m going to do is check out your website.  If you’re too lazy to speak with me directly and tell me about yourself then I’m not going to go to your site and ‘check it out’.

Thankfully, there are many people on Twitter who totally ‘get’ what it’s about.  If someone asks a question then they’ll take the time to answer it and share their knowledge.  I get asked many SEO questions and I’ll answer them and share the answers with my followers.  I know that they find it useful and I know that they get great results from my advice.  It makes me feel good and it helps them.

And by taking this approach, not only have I met some great people but I have also sold my search engine optimisation services to some of them.  And not once have I tweeted a direct sales pitch.  That is the power of Twitter if you use it correctly.

And just to show that there are many less obvious benefits, I’m going to give some really juicy links from this well optimised website to some of my followers – those followers that totally understand that Twitter is about interacting with people and sharing useful information with them.

I tweeted the following message

Hi everyone. How many of you have a blog? What’s the URL? I’d be interested to take a look. If you don’t have a blog – Why not?

and within less than 10 minutes I had around 35 replies from people sharing their blog URL with me.  They didn’t know why I wanted it and they certainly didn’t know that I was going to link to them.  But they were following their Twitter stream and saw an oppotunity to share something with someone and they took it.

So, here are the blogs of a bunch of people on Twitter who ‘get it’ and who are worth following and learning from!

@growline – http://www.24-7israel.com/

@mattuk – http://www.datadial.net/blog/

@hobsdv – http://www.booshonline.com/

@andymurd – http://www.mmmeeja.com/blog/

@invoicera – www.invoicera.com/blog

@LiviuLica – www.zageex.ro

@kash78 – http://www.logichub.net/blog

@AndrewGirdwood –  http://blog.arhg.net

@dwightcook – http://mediaslap.soundworks.com/

@JoelyRighteous – http://joelyrighteous.wordpress.com/

@red_ascot – http://novelaborate.blogspot.com

@imjustagoyle – http://aplace4people.com/blogs

@savamaloy – http://www.piggynap.com 

@skinner – http://www.wellwrittenwords.com/

@CoffeebreakDMV – http://coffeebreak8.blogspot.com/

@pjain – http://blog.linosx.com/ and  http://www.teknatus.com/blog/pjain

@sdweathers – http://www.youtube.com/user/sdweathers

@SeshuThePhotog – http://www.seshu.net/saffron

@ProgramX – http://programx.co.uk/Default.aspx

@bluewavemedia – http://www.bluewavemedia.ca/

@mobienthusiast – http://mobienthusiast.mobi/

@daverooneyca – http://practicalagility.blogspot.com/

@rajupp – http://www.techpp.com/

@playr – http://kaizen.blog.co.in

@sweetsue – http://resilienceatwork.blogspot.com/

@thelonghopper – http://www.longhop.net/

@Responsibills – http://responsibills.com/

@rmvenancio  – http://diasqcorrem.blogspot.com/

@keanrichmond – http://www.keanrichmond.com/

@timelmo  – http://thattimguy.org

@peewii – http://www.i-am-what-i-am-diaries.blogspot.com/

@techandlife – http://www.techandlife.com/

@ArenaFlowers – www.arenaflowers.com/blog 

@WritRams – http://jackiewilson.blogspot.com/

@Sumerd – http://quickfatlossreview.com/dailyblog/

@amoyal – http://blcubed.com/ and http://butitskosher.wordpress.com/

@carnellm – http://www.MichaelCarnell.com 

@David_N_Wilson – http://www.macabreink/

@carmennc – http://carmennc.blogspot.com/

@rargiros – http://evdogs.org/?page_id=9

@LydiaBreakfast – http://www.lbdcommunications.blogspot.com/

@GrayRinehart – http://www.graymanwrites.com/forums/blog.php?u=2 and http://ncstateofbusiness.ies.ncsu.edu/

@shannoncherry – http://commonsensepr.com/ and http://thepowerpublicist.com/and http://ThePowerPublicist.com

@Wildlife_Photog – http://www.wildlifephotographer.blogspot.com

@iangotts – http://go.iangotts.com/fzu and http://go.iangotts.com/fzd

@sportsgirlkat – http://katherinehas.wordpress.com


@Stuartcfoster – http://thelostjacket.com/

@Thingnamer – http://www.stokefire.com/blog

@philipnorton42 – http://www.norton42.org.uk/

@AbigailH – http://thebluedoorpr.blogspot.com/

@kkunlimited – http://www.kevinkellyunlimited.com/blog

@scenar – http://art4cards.blogspot.com/

@a_williams – http://www.justsoftwaresolutions.co.uk/blog/

@AlignedDeb – http://www.alignedstructures.com/

@jesseliebman – http://www.jesseliebman.com/

@Brownoxford – http://chrisabernethy.com/

@strangedesign – http://strangedesign.net/blog/

@ganee – http://ganee.blogspot.com/

@GeorgeReese –  http://www.enstratus.com/page/1/blog.jsp

@fusion92 – http://twitter.com/fusion92

@Stajo – http://sta-jo.blogspot.com

29 Responses to “How to build your followers on Twitter”

  1. mark heyert says:

    I share many of your ideas with my marketing and development teams. Thank you for your efforts and understanding the web is about authenticity and collaboration.

  2. Gregor says:

    Hi Mark – thanks for your very kind words. I’m glad that you get value out of what I’m saying!

  3. Harro says:

    Thanks for the link Always great to tweet with you!


  4. Thanks for linking us all, I’m enjoying watching this community grow. And hey, remember me when you need a writer :)


  5. Jim Connolly says:

    Interesting post Gregor- thanks!

  6. ChristineAZ says:

    What refreshing words, just a pleasure to read & share :o)

  7. Bloggeries says:

    It’s all about being social and realizing it’s a 2 way street. Listening to others and talking when you have something good to share. That’s why “Spamming” on twitter doesn’t work even though people complain.

  8. Gregor says:

    @growline, @Christine, @Lydia – You’re welcome – and thanks for commenting!

  9. Gregor:
    Thanks for making it plain and simple for people to get how to be on Twitter! Here’s hoping many new users to Twitter will find and embody your approach.


  10. I totally agree with the sharing and not Direct selling aspect, but some buisiness lend themselfs to that more than others. You offer a SERVICE. Those of use that offer PRODUCTs may find it to be a little tougher. Not saying it can’t be done but for me it takes more thought. Although I use twitter as a social outlet as much or more than I use it for business marketing.

  11. Howard says:

    Thanks for this great info on Twitter. I will certainly learn from your words of wisdom here

    Thanks again for the post!

  12. […] this blog post emphasizes how the correct attitude will help build followers. For me, twitter is not about […]

  13. BarbG says:

    Nice post of using Twitter. I’m new to it and soaking up as much information as I can. I came to you by way of Jim Connelly and a tweet he posted. Glad I did. I’ve just downloaded your e-books. Thanks so much!

  14. Piggynap says:

    Thank you for the mention – I’ve found some more great people to follow too :)

  15. Kathy says:

    Thanks for sharing this great advice with us! It’s exciting to be getting in on something while it is new and in the growth phase.

  16. Frugal NYC says:

    nice quick post on use of Twitter! A blogger myself. Thanks for being a good example!

  17. Kathy says:

    Please add me to the growing list!


  18. Scott says:

    It also probably helps that you follow over 4000 people.

  19. Kfred85 says:

    Hi! I left a comment already, but here’s my blog http://kfredsmusings.blogspot.com/ Thanks!

  20. Al Carlton says:

    Great idea. I run a number of blogs, most popular 2 being http://www.coolest-gadgets.com and http://www.selfmademinds.com and twitter at http://twitter.com/AlCarlton

  21. seobag says:

    Useful post, I think that trick with message is really working.
    I wish you more followers.

  22. Rui says:

    Nice post of using Twitter.

  23. Raju says:

    Yeah! Never expected to get a link back! thanks for that!
    Its a nice article, I too hate those people with auto replies marketing their website/service upfront in their first tweet itself

  24. Baylan says:

    Thanks for the tips! I’m starting up my blog at http://www.baylansbiznews.wordpress.com .

  25. Joel Pearson says:

    Great post Gregor. Very interesting. A big thanks for linking to me also.

  26. Wow, Awesome thanks for the link love – You make a very good point on your post. I am fairly new on Twitter and still learning – You helped me realize that my use of Twitter is a good thing.

    Thanks again

  27. baja says:

    Thanks for sharing this great post..it’s Very interesting..
    thanks again

  28. Thank you so much for including me on the list – was wondering if you could change the site address for @bluewavemedia to http://www.bluewavemedia.ca/wordpress to http://www.bluewavemedia.ca as the site is now at the root.

    Thanks so much and I wish you a great 2009!

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