Thanks to the Hobo Custom Link Love WordPress plug-in that I blogged about yesterday, we are now offering dofollow links from the comments field of this blog.

Spammers beware though, because I’ll be deleting any comments stashed full with links, with spammy names or anything that just doesn’t quite smell right!  So if you want a nice link from this blog then you’d better bring something fun to the party like, oh, I don’t know, perhaps some coversation skills or maybe something to contribute to the conversation.

Radical isn’t it!?

I’ve been very generous and set the number of posts required to 3 before you’re trusted enough to get the link.  But I might up it if I find that it’s too low.

Are you planning on doing the same with your blog?  Let me know in the comments!

2 Responses to “We’re now a dofollow blog!”

  1. Tad Chef says:

    Not radical at all. I fare well this way for 2 years now. The plugin is a real gift to the blog community though. I Used Lucia’s Linky Love it’s based on for the last few months anyways. I’m considering switching although I like to reward every single commenter and don’t care for “PageRank drain” or something.

  2. BB Blackpool says:

    I also run a dofollow blog albeit on a WP Platform the same as this one where the askimet plugin weeds out most of the trash i suspect the same as this one :)
    It’s all about a little of give and take if posters bring some originality to the topic subject then why not let them publicise their link, it’s how the world goes around isn’t.

    Personally I think the spammers need to read up on no follow links they are not as important as they think they are..

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