The 60 second overview:

  • Your website should be structured in a way that each new page a visitor views increases their confidence in your offering.
  • You can use CTAs to direct users from one page to another.
  • You should think about the journey you want the user to follow.
  • For example, Homepage -> Particular Service -> Case Studies relevant to that service -> Testimonials relevant to that service -> Contact us
  • Each step of that journey should increase the confidence in your users that you are credible and a safe pair of hands to deal with their problem.
  • Too many CTAs on a page can disrupt the journey – keep the layout simple and the CTAs clear and unambiguous.
  • No CTAs means the user ends up going wherever they want.
  • For example, Homepage -> Blog -> Contact us -> Directions to our office -> Leave site
  • Think about the type of journey you want your visitors to take through your website and review how your website looks at the moment.
  • Test the user journey with friends and colleagues to see if it works.


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