The 60 second overview:

  • Your meta description is very similar to your title tags – a piece of HTML code that isn’t really visible to the user but very important for your search results.
  • Google doesn’t use it as part of its algorithm to determine where in the search results you should appear.
  • However, Google usually uses it as the description that appears in the search results so it’s the thing that can convince people to click on your result instead of a competitors.
  • It’s the equivalent of your elevator pitch.
  • You have around 160 characters to pitch your offering and stand out from the competition.  It should contain your most compelling content.
  • It should be unique for every page – it should reflect the content of the page.  So if you have a page on wedding photography and another page on commercial photography then the meta description for each of these pages should be unique and compelling in their own way.
  • You don’t need to do it for every single page (i.e. it doesn’t really need to be compelling for your privacy policy or cookie policy pages) but should be optimised for your main sales pages.
  • It’s easily editable in WordPress (if you have a SEO plugin, such as Yoast)


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