The 60 second overview:

  • Google uses this as a factor in where it puts your website in the search results.  All things being equal, a faster website will appear higher than a slower website.
  • Not only is it bad for search rankings, it’s frustrating for the user and they’ll likely give up if it’s too slow.
  • If you have a slow website then it’s usually down to being on a poor web host and this is fairly easy to fix.
  • Companies such as WP Engine provide high speed, premium hosting and make it easy to migrate your website from its old web hosting to them.  It may be more expensive but you get lots of other benefits (high grade security, free SSL certificates, good support etc)
  • If it’s not the website host then it may be your website theme or poor coding on the website.  These are more difficult to fix and may require expert help.
  • As a stop-gap, you may wish to explore options around caching your website such as W3 Total Cache
  • First step is to take a look at your website to get an idea of how well it scores using a tool such as Pingdom.


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