The 60 second overview:

  • In November 2016, for the first time more website visits were made on mobile devices than desktop.
  • Over 50% of Google searches are carried out on mobile devices.
  • Google now prioritises websites that adapt to mobile devices in the search results for mobile users.
  • If your website isn’t responsive (i.e. the layout doesn’t adapt to the device it’s being viewed on) then it will appear lower in the search results for people searching on mobile devices (i.e. 50% of your potential customers).
  • Visitors will also be more likely to leave your site if it’s not optimised for mobile – viewing non-responsive websites on mobile is a poor experience.
  • There’s no quick fix unfortunately – unless you use an existing theme (which won’t be bespoke to your business) you’ll need to pay for a design refresh and rebuild, all of which takes time and money.
  • However, this isn’t a fashion trend, it’s a technological development that’s here to stay and worth the investment.
  • If you’re not sure if your site is responsive, try Google’s tool here.
  • To resolve it, speak with your website designer or developer (or speak to us!)


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