The 60 second overview:

  • This is a free service from Google.
  • It helps monitor and maintain your website and also provides suggestions on how to optimise it.
  • For a start, it’s good for maintenance – if your website is hacked or infected with malware then it’ll notify you by email so you can deal with it.
  • If you get a notification that you’ve been hacked then it’s important to deal with it straight away, since Google will add a very off-putting message next to your website in the search results:
  • Search Console also highlights any issues it’s found with your website, such as duplicate title tags, meta descriptions, broken pages, server errors, content that can’t be accessed etc.  This is good for making some easy fixes that will help your rankings in the search results.
  • It also tells you what queries you’re appearing in the search results for and how many clicks you’re getting from it.  This can be useful for identifying search terms you would like to rank for but you’re not ranking for.
  • Search Console is a useful, free service to add to your website. It gives you meaningful information without being too complex (unlike Google Analytics) and is aimed at all website owners, not just technical people.
  • You can register here


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