The 60 second overview:

  • Users like content they can relate to.
  • Someone looking for a photographer for their wedding is more likely to contact you from a page about wedding photography than a generic page on photography.
  • So the homepage should be generic – appeal to all your users – and then lead them to a page which is more targeted to their particular need.
  • Once they’re on that page, you can be much more specific – not just with the text but the imagery, case studies and testimonials as well.
  • For example, a plumber that does domestic and commercial – the homepage can talk about your general services and then you have a page for domestic customers and another for commercial customers.
  • On the domestic page your imagery and testimonials will all be related to the problems you solve for domestic customers.
  • Even the calls to action should be targeted.  e.g. a white paper about the top 10 plumbing problems homeowners face (and how to avoid them)
  • Remember, each step through the website should increase your visitors confidence in you.  More specific, targeted content as they go through the website will help.


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