The 60 second overview:

  • You live and breathe your business every day.  You’re really interested in the detail of what you do and you’re passionate about it.
  • However, your clients have a completely different perspective.  They may be interested in the detail of what you do but in reality they have their own business to be passionate about.  All they’re interested in is how your product or service can help them.
  • In short, your website needs to talk about what problem(s) you are solving for your clients.  What pain are you relieving for them?
  • Review your website by putting yourself in the mind of your potential clients – what does your website say when you visit it?  Does it show how you solve their problems, or does it go into lots of uninteresting detail of what and how you do it?
  • Think about the following –
    • What sort of words will they be looking for (i.e. “increased leads”, “lower costs”, “faster delivery”)
  • Also – as well as what the website says, it’s important how it’s perceived.  Is the look and feel appropriate for your target clients?  For high end clients you need a high end looking website and for budget clients you need a more down to earth look and feel.
  • As well as looking at the website from your clients’ perspective, speak with your clients and ask them what they think of your website.  They may have some interesting comments you’d never expected.

You may wish to consider a formal website review.  MMD provides a professional website review service covering all the points above and lots more.  Get in touch to find out more.


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