The 60 second overview:

  • Calls to action – a call, to the user, to take an action.
  • They are buttons, hyperlinks or lines of text which guide your website visitors to carry out an action such as giving you a call, filling in a form or visiting another relevant page on the website.
  • Examples are “Contact us”, “Sign up for our newsletter”, “Give us a call”, “View our case studies”
  • They should be eye catching and generally you’ll just have one CTA per page (although it’s common to have more than one)
  • The point of a CTA is that it’s a successful end to a visit to that page.  So if your aim is for people to read about a particular service and then give you a call then the CTA should appear at the end of the text and should instruct the reader to give you a call.
  • CTAs can be used to take your visitors on a user journey.  So you may want to show them a service, then some case studies, then some testimonials and then take them to your contact form.  This journey would increase your credibility on each page visit and you can direct your users to each page by using CTAs.
  • If you didn’t have a CTA then people would read the copy and then at the end they could end up going somewhere which may not be relevant (i.e. a cookie policy page) or worse, back to Google and to your competitors!


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