The 60 second overview:

  • Title tags are bits of code that aren’t obvious when you’re on a website, but are important in terms of your performance in the search results.
  • They are virtually invisible to the user but Google places a lot of importance on these to understand what the content of the page is about.
  • Crucially, if you want your page to appear in the results for a specific search term then it should appear in your title tags.  So if you’re a photographer in Reading then your title tags for the home page should include the words ‘Photographer’ and ‘Reading’.
  • Each page on your website should have unique title tags.  So if our photographer has a page about wedding photography and another page about commercial photography then the title tags for each of those pages should contain those specific search terms.  That way, Google knows that if someone searches for ‘Commercial Photographers in Reading’ then this is the page to show, not the homepage.
  • Google likes to give users the most relevant result possible, so it’ll likely rank a specialised page on commercial photography over the homepage of a general photographer.  Also, Google usually (not always) uses the title tags as the title of the search results so if you’re looking for a commercial photographer then you’re going to click on the most relevant one – if the search results are full of ‘Photographer in Reading’ or even worse, the photographers name, you’re most likely to click on the link that says Commercial Photographer.
  • This is the one of the most important factors Google looks at on your page (after looking at the content) so it’s worth spending a bit of time optimising these on your website.
  • There are a couple of limitations it’s generally recommended to keep your title tags under 60 characters for instance.  See our blog post below for more information.


Want to know more about title tags?  Read the detailed blog post from MMD – Title tags overview

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