Inbound vs Outbound: How Content Creation Trumps Link Building

As an online publisher I have been always creating content and building links even long before Google. Then almost 10 years ago I became an SEO and learned that you can actually skip part of the content creation process and get traffic from Google right away by creating keyword-optimized pages. How did I start on […]

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Common Web Design Mistakes that Break Your SEO

* Over the years I have seen numerous websites ruined by relaunches even in cases where I warned clients to tell me about each and every change planned. In some cases there was a redesign done on the cheap, where I could see some images in Photoshop of how the websites will look. These mock-ups […]

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Small Business SEO is almost impossible

Who’d be a small business website owner? After the drama with Interflora and their Google punishment for placing dofollow links in advertorials comes Google with a reassurance that you probably won’t be penalised if you’re linked to from a third party that’s had a penalty applied Given that lots of small businesses still rely on Google for […]

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Will Google Still Exist 10 Years from Now?

* Do you remember AltaVista or even Yahoo? Search engines comes and go, even full fledged online empires crumble within a few years. Yes, Yahoo is still there and even has some useful products and services but there was a time when Yahoo was the dominant brand on the Web and the most used search […]

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New developments at MMD

You’ll have noticed the new website design for the MMD site which went live over the weekend.  I hope you like it – we’re really pleased with it! It was an interesting experience for us (and for me in particular) to be on the other side of the fence as the ‘client’ rather than the […]

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30 Web Trends of 2013: How Web Design, UX, Blogging…..

* For four years in a row I have been compiling lists of Web trends for a British SEO blog. It was pretty unknown at the beginning but became the the “best” UK SEO blog according to the UK Search Awards. So this is my fifth such post already. I know that it gets published […]

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Twitter Tools

We now have Twitter Tools installed on this blog – so any new blogs will automatically appear in our Twitter account. Check it out here:!/MassMediaDesign

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Another Panda tip

On thing I forgot to mention in my last post about Google Panda was that Panda is a site-wide ‘penalty’.  What this means is that if you have a enough ‘low quality’ pages on your website then the whole site can be affected. That’s worrying – not least because ‘low quality’ isn’t particularly well defined. How […]

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Google Panda 3.3 Update

A little over a year ago we saw Google release the Panda update in the US.  The aim of the update was to remove ‘low quality’ sites from Google’s results.  What that essentially meant was sites that steal content from other sites, smother the page in advertising or generally offered little or no useful information […]

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“Guaranteed Number One Listing on Google!” (not quite…)

We have never promised anyone that we would get their website to the very top of Google.  We promise to use the very best techniques that have proven to deliver fantastic results in the past, but we can’t force Google to do anything.  If they don’t want to put your site at number 1 then […]

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