What’s Your Unique Selling Proposition When it Comes to Content?

Me too articles are the bane of the Web today. For each topic or keyword you get myriads of superficial ones. Just follow one keyphrase of your choice on Topsy for a while to see how much is going on. Of course most of these articles are repetitive once you know a few things about […]

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Is your login name “admin”? You’re a hacking target

Over at iTheme.com there’s an excellent blog post on the very serious ongoing hacking attempts of WordPress blogs.  I recommend having a read of it to understand what’s going on and how to protect yourself. If you want to get a quick overview though, then stick with me! The problem Essentially what’s happening is that […]

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Google Chrome, Helvetica Neue and strange characters bug

Helvetica Neue is a really nice, clear font that’s widely used by designers and is now quite frequently used on webpages.  However, it’s not a standard font on Windows and isn’t a “web-safe” font (which means you can assume it’ll be installed on most peoples computers.  For that reason, web developers generally provide an alternative […]

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Where to Engage Your Future Audience: Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+?

* While most businesses are probably already on Facebook, maybe also on Twitter every year a new social site pops up. How to decide where to allocate your resources to reach your future audience as the early adopters move on to the next big thing? You wouldn’t invest time and money on Friendster or even […]

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The Dangers of Spam Comments

For those of you that have a blog then you’re probably used to getting lots of spam comments on your blog.  It’s easy enough to install a comment spam plugin and avoid the worst of it but there are always some that get through the net. Moderating comments is effective but time-consuming and frustrating for […]

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Inbound vs Outbound: How Content Creation Trumps Link Building

As an online publisher I have been always creating content and building links even long before Google. Then almost 10 years ago I became an SEO and learned that you can actually skip part of the content creation process and get traffic from Google right away by creating keyword-optimized pages. How did I start on […]

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Common Web Design Mistakes that Break Your SEO

* Over the years I have seen numerous websites ruined by relaunches even in cases where I warned clients to tell me about each and every change planned. In some cases there was a redesign done on the cheap, where I could see some images in Photoshop of how the websites will look. These mock-ups […]

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Small Business SEO is almost impossible

Who’d be a small business website owner? After the drama with Interflora and their Google punishment for placing dofollow links in advertorials comes Google with a reassurance that you probably won’t be penalised if you’re linked to from a third party that’s had a penalty applied Given that lots of small businesses still rely on Google for […]

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Will Google Still Exist 10 Years from Now?

* Do you remember AltaVista or even Yahoo? Search engines comes and go, even full fledged online empires crumble within a few years. Yes, Yahoo is still there and even has some useful products and services but there was a time when Yahoo was the dominant brand on the Web and the most used search […]

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New developments at MMD

You’ll have noticed the new website design for the MMD site which went live over the weekend.  I hope you like it – we’re really pleased with it! It was an interesting experience for us (and for me in particular) to be on the other side of the fence as the ‘client’ rather than the […]

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