Do I need to update WordPress regularly?

Around 1 in 3 of all websites is powered by WordPress, making it one of the most widely used Content Management Systems in the world. As we highlighted in our recent blog, 6 Reasons We Love WordPress, it’s our favourite platform here at MMD, and we use it exclusively for all the sites we develop. […]

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SSL Certification: Show Visitors They Can Trust Your Website!

According to recent research, there are currently around 3.77 billion internet users in the world – that’s 50% of the entire population of our planet – and rising! With so many ways to connect, and online interactions increasing exponentially, what keeps the personal data we share over the internet secure and private? The answer is […]

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5 Reasons You Need Premium Hosting for Your Website

You probably go to great lengths to look after your most valuable business assets – staff, buildings, IT systems, vehicles and the like, but what about your website? It’s at the very heart of your business, integral to all your sales and marketing efforts, and it’s likely to represent a significant investment – so have […]

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What’s in a title?

When it comes to grabbing a potential customer’s attention, the title you choose for your new content is crucial. But beneath the surface, there’s a sneaky bit of html code which is even more important – the title tag. Simply put, the title tag is probably the most essential bit of information within the content […]

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Google Chrome, Helvetica Neue and strange characters bug

Helvetica Neue is a really nice, clear font that’s widely used by designers and is now quite frequently used on webpages.  However, it’s not a standard font on Windows and isn’t a “web-safe” font (which means you can assume it’ll be installed on most peoples computers.  For that reason, web developers generally provide an alternative […]

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One of our clients received this email today from a company called about another company called Meiao Development Co: Today we formally received an application from Meiao Development company. They are applying to register “**domain name deleted**” as their domain name and Internet keyword through us. which regarding your trade mark and company’s name. […]

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How to add a link to your signature in Outlook

  This is a supporting article for our sister website – Small Business Website Marketing. N.B: These steps are for Microsoft Outlook 2007.  For other versions – try this article: Creating a signature Click on the Tools menu item and go to Options -> Mail Format -> Signatures Click on New Give your new signature an […]

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New SEO Software – Beta testers required

Every good SEO knows that to be a good SEO, they need great SEO tools.  At MMD we’re always writing scripts and other tools to help us get great results for our SEO clients. Sometimes we make them available for everyone (such as with our Yahoo Site Explorer parser). We’re currently working on a tool […]

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Our new design!

Today we re-launched our Mass Media Design blog with a new design and a whole bunch of changes under the covers. As you’ll see below, the move from the old blogging platform to the new hasn’t been without its problems and in the process we haven’t been able to move the comments to the new […]

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How to change the title of your web page

The title bar is the most important element of your website with regard to on-site SEO.  What follows is a very simple guide on how to change it for SEO purposes.  This was originally written to accompany the Website Marketing Newsletter.  Visit us here to sign up for your own copy. If you want to […]

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Google Chrome Plug-ins

I’ve been using Google Chrome now for a few days and I really like it. I’m a bit behind the times with posting a review but I wanted to take a few days to get used to it and see how I found it. So this is more of a considered review rather than first […]

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Google Chrome Browser Market Share

As you probably know (in fact, it’s almost impossible to avoid it) – Google launched a new web browser on September 2nd called Google Chrome. The implications for Firefox are pretty immense since the early techie adopters form the main user base for Firefox.  These same people are the people most likely to move to […]

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Sony Vaio VGN-TZ Model Recall

Sony Vaio VGN-TZ Model Recall Sony has announced that it is recalling thousands of its computers due to an overheating problem which led to one customer being burned. Sony said “The issue involves a small number of units which may overheat due to a wiring problem.” Apparently, this “small number” of units is approximately 74,000 […]

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Comparison of the top 10 SEO companies’ backlinks

I’ve been playing around with Yahoo Site Explorer for a while now and looking at the backlinks that various sites have.  It’s a handy tool, but it does have its limitation (not least that it only allows you to view 1000 backlinks). But for getting a flavour of a site’s backlinks then it does the […]

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Metcheck cocks it all up

Even the experts can get it wrong.  Metcheck, one of the most popular weather forecasting websites managed to screw up their move to bigger servers and ended up putting their site down for at least a day,  ruining their Google listing in the meantime (see image below). When I checked their website over the weekend […]

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25 Invaluable Website Design Tools

Everyone likes things that makes their job just that little bit easier.  I’ve collected below a list of tools, tips, techniques and reading that you can use on your next website design project.  If you can think of anything that’s missing then please send me an email and if they’re useful enough then I’ll add […]

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Flash websites now indexed by Google – A black hat’s wet dream?

The announcement that Google can now index flash pages thanks to a plug-in by Adobe should be welcomed by web developers and SEO practitioners but I’m afraid it leaves me with a rather cold sense of foreboding. I’ve never been a great fan of Flash websites. Note that I’m not saying that I don’t like […]

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