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Yesterday I talked about SEO and how people are desperate to get their websites to the top of Google. Today I want to look at one of the techniques that is currently being looked at to help feature your site. Google works by using keywords, and some keywords are more popular than others. On the web, there […]

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One of our clients’ most common requests is to get their website to the top of Google.  It’s not surprising – Google is vastly more popular than the other search engines and loads of business can come from their website.  Unfortunately getting to the top of Google is much harder than it sounds and an entire […]

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How can your business benefit from new technology?

One of the things I like to talk to our customers about are some of the new developments in technology that they might be able to use to help their business. Most companies now have a website and for many of them it’s a huge source of new business for them.  They took the plunge […]

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What is Web 2.0?

For the past couple of years, you’ve probably heard the term Web 2.0 but more than likely you’re not too clear on what it means, how you might use it and how it might benefit you. Unsurprisingly, you’re in good company since even the experts can’t agree on how best to define it. Search Google for ‘What is […]

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