The majority of SME websites don’t work.

At best, the birth of a new website entails some research at the start of the project, the website is launched and fingers are crossed in the hope that the new website results in more leads and sales.

At worst, the website is created purely from an aesthetic point of view, completely ignoring the aims of the client and the needs of their target audience.  The website is launched amid much fanfare and while it looks nice, it has zero positive impact on leads and enquiries.

It gets worse.  After being launched the website is then left for months without anyone reviewing its performance, what the return on investment is and how it can be improved.  It’s left to grow old and degrade and generate fewer and fewer leads until a new website is created and the sorry saga continues again.

Speak to any small business owner and 95% of the time they’ll tell you that they’re not getting as many leads from their website as they’d like.  This is why websites are never seen as an investment and treated as a cost – businesses never get a return on that investment because the websites never generate enough meaningful leads for them.

What if there was a different way?

How about an initial project to look at the aims of the website, your target market, their problems and how you solve them, your key messaging and working out how best to resonate with your clients?  How about doing all that before any design work is even contemplated?

How about launching the website and reporting on the visitor statistics and leads generated on a monthly basis?

How about regular quarterly website meetings to review the statistics and plan a set of continual improvements to the website to increase leads and enquiries?

How about working with a proactive agency that wants to build a strong relationship with its client by creating a great return on their investment in a website?

How about finally having a website that works for your business which generates good quality leads