How to change the title of your web page

The title bar is the most important element of your website with regard to on-site SEO.  What follows is a very simple guide on how to change it for SEO purposes.  This was originally written to accompany the Website Marketing Newsletter.  Visit us here to sign up for your own copy.

If you want to make the changes yourself then you will need access to the web server that your website is hosted on and the HTML code.  If this doesn’t make any sense then you’d be better going to your website design company.  However, if you have access to both of these, then read on.

Open up your HTML file for the page that you want to change.  If you don’t know any HTML then it’ll look like a load of strange characters and words.

Thankfully, you don’t have to delve too far into this mess to make the changes you want.  Somewhere near the top, you should see this word: <TITLE> with some words after it and then another word </TITLE>.  These are called ‘tags’.

This tells Internet Explorer to display all of the words between <TITLE> and </TITLE> in the title bar.

All you have to do is change the words between those tags to the keywords that you want to display.

For example, change

<TITLE>Joe’s Accountants</TITLE>


<TITLE>Accounting Company in Reading.  Tax Accountants</TITLE>

Once you have made the change then save the file and upload it to the correct location on your web server – you should see the changes immediately so if they don’t appear then you’ve uploaded to the wrong location or your browser is caching the web page. Try clearing your cache in your browser.