A provider of sophisticated people counting solutions for retail, heritage and visitor attraction sites.

The client wanted a completely new look for their website. They were about to release a major software update, and wanted their branding and website to cohesively support their new software.

What we did

Our marketing consultant worked closely with Intelligent Counting to establish what the business stood for, and what they wanted from their site.

Having talked to their clients, she then briefed the designer. A brand new design was signed off and developed showcasing the very best of Intelligent Counting.

We created:

  • Clean home page design with call out boxes for the two main client sectors
  • Easy to update content pages
  • Designed downloadable PDFs for client lists and product specifications
  • Call out buttons and boxes to promote specific ideas and messages

Once the website was live we have continued to support and host the site.

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The website

Print collateral

The results

The client has reported very positive feedback on the look and feel of the site from clients, and the team. Intelligent Counting have a website to be proud of, portraying a very different image for the business.

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What did the client think?

"It has been a very valuable experience working with a professional outside of the business on our new website. MMD challenged our thinking, and made us very carefully consider what the website should do, and how it should look.

Throughout the process I’ve found Gregor to be very approachable and responsive. He’s taken the time to explain and thoroughly answer any concerns. He has come up with well thought out options, without looking at the bottom line – I’ve appreciated that and it’s helped to cement trust. We have had great feedback both internally, and from clients, on the look and feel of the site – we’re very pleased."

Colin Jones, Intelligent Counting

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