The Future of Blog Comments

Recently, Matt Cutts (head of webspam at Google) announced that they have changed the way that nofollow links are used.  In fact, the way that Google have treated these links changed nearly a year ago but they only got around to announcing it now. For most people, this doesn’t matter at all but for those […]

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The power of the newsletter

Today I want to share an example with you of how powerful a newsletter is at attracting new clients. Recently we launched a new ‘Affordable SEO’ service especially aimed at small and medium sized businesses.  We knew that it was going to be a popular service but we didn’t realise just HOW popular it would […]

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Linking out? Make sure that they know!

I’ve a strong advocate of linking to other blogs – not just to get links back (although that is a very nice side-effect) but also because I want to share information with my blog readers if I think it’s useful. However, if you’re linking out to other blogs in order to get them to link […]

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Launch of our Blog Design Service

Many small businesses are now incorporating blogs into their websites and are seeing some amazing results!  What is a Blog? A blog is a website, or an area of a website, that allows you to easily publish your own content.  It’s usually much more informal than a business website, with a mix of articles, tips, […]

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Why you need to update your website frequently

One of the first recommendations I’ll make to businesses looking to increase traffic to their website is that they set up a blog. There are a number of reasons for this – it allows you to capture “long tail” searches for a start.  But (assuming you are diligent enough) it also gives you a way […]

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How the VAT change brought me loads of traffic

One of the things I’m always surprised about is the sheer variety of search terms that people use to find my website. Recently I wrote a very brief post about the impact of the recent VAT changes in the UK and how it would likely affect small businesses.  I didn’t actually write it with the […]

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Our new design!

Today we re-launched our Mass Media Design blog with a new design and a whole bunch of changes under the covers. As you’ll see below, the move from the old blogging platform to the new hasn’t been without its problems and in the process we haven’t been able to move the comments to the new […]

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This blog is moving!

I’ve finally lost patience with Subtext so have taken the opportunity to move to WordPress. Subtext is good, but it’s huge, a nightmare to skin or make any configuration changes too and it’s started to be a bit flaky lately.  Plus I wanted to have a completely separate blog so have take the opportunity to […]

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Why you should give stuff away for free

The other day, I mentioned that you could offer some free advice to your clients in your blog. For some people, that’s just crazy talk.  Surely you should be charging for advice?  What on earth would people pay you for if they can get the same advice from your blog? Good point – let me elaborate. […]

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Why blogging is so important to your business

I’ve mentioned before that blogging is a great thing to do for your business but I’ve never really explained why.  So today I’m going to elaborate and show you why, if you’re serious about using your website as a marketing tool for your business, you should be blogging. Blogging isn’t hard.  People see it as a […]

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