Truly Dreadful Websites – Part 3

This is part of an occasional series looking at some of the poorer websites found on the web today. For the previous post, click here. Today we’re looking at the visual crime that is – “The Name You Can Trust”. I’m not too sure where to start with this one.  It’s a sort of minimalist […]

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Truly Dreadful Websites – Part 2

This is part of an occasional series looking at some of the poorer websites found on the web today. For the first post, click here. Today, we’re going to look at the navigational nightmare that is OK, it’s not as offensively bright as the last site we looked at but it’s still so bad […]

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Affiliate programmes

I was speaking with my good friend yesterday, the marketing guru Jim Connolly and we got onto the topic of affiliate programmes.  Jim was telling me that while affiliate programmes are very common online, they also work just as well offline.  In fact, they can be even more powerful offline simply because personal recommendations between […]

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Truly Dreadful Websites – Part 1

I’ve been on the web since 1995 and have seen websites evolve from when the default background colour was grey through to today where anything goes.  My very first website had a highly classy ‘repeating cloud’ background which I thought was fantastic at the time.  However, looking back, this may not have been the case! […]

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Can you trust your web design company?

I’m a bit of a geek and I like to look at the search results for a variety of keywords and see who is ranking where.  I’m always interested to see why they’re ranking where they are so I often have a poke about to see what’s working for them and what isn’t. Today, I […]

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Why you need to update your website frequently

One of the first recommendations I’ll make to businesses looking to increase traffic to their website is that they set up a blog. There are a number of reasons for this – it allows you to capture “long tail” searches for a start.  But (assuming you are diligent enough) it also gives you a way […]

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Our new website design

Those of you who regularly visit our home page at Mass Media Design will have noticed that we have a new website design. It was time for a change – we wanted a fresher design but we also wanted to increase our conversions as well so we’ve implemented a few little features that we’re expecting […]

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Does your website say anything about you at all?

One of the great things about my job is that you’re asked to look at lots of different types of websites and suggest what can be done to them to help their search engine performance and their marketing performance. it’s not as simple as one might hope.  I’ve seen some really awful looking websites that […]

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25 Invaluable Website Design Tools

Everyone likes things that makes their job just that little bit easier.  I’ve collected below a list of tools, tips, techniques and reading that you can use on your next website design project.  If you can think of anything that’s missing then please send me an email and if they’re useful enough then I’ll add […]

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