Tweepi: Highly Recommended

There are a huge stack of tools out there to help you make the most of Twitter.  There are varying levels of quality but one of the tools that I’ve been playing with today is Tweepi and it’s impressed me hugely. Geeky Follow One of the problems that people have with Twitter is finding people […]

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How many Twitter accounts does your business have?

Google has just published a list of all of their accounts on Twitter. There are quite a few as you can see but even for a small business, it may be worth considering having a couple of Twitter accounts. For example, if you ran a digital media company and your company produced websites, graphics, videos […]

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How to build your followers on Twitter

I have over 3500 followers on Twitter and it’s growing every day.  I’m often asked how I manage to do it and the answer is very simple: I give my followers what they want and I interact with them. The #1 mistake people on Twitter make is that they use it purely for their own […]

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