How to optimise your title tags

I was asked on Twitter to share some ‘best practice’ tips on web site title tags.  And so I did – in 4 tweets.  I thought that I’d share them with you as a very simple primer on how to start optimising the title tags on your website:   @GinaRubel Keep it under 66 characters, important […]

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Meta tags don’t help your SEO

When I speak with new clients, they often tell me that they’re surprised that their website isn’t ranking well because ‘all of our meta tags are great’. They’re then very surprised when I tell them that Google doesn’t actually look at meta tags any more so they’re wasting their time. In fact, this isn’t 100% […]

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How to change the title of your web page

The title bar is the most important element of your website with regard to on-site SEO.  What follows is a very simple guide on how to change it for SEO purposes.  This was originally written to accompany the Website Marketing Newsletter.  Visit us here to sign up for your own copy. If you want to […]

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