Where should I put my keywords?

We’ve talked a lot about getting the right keywords and putting them in your documents but one thing I haven’t mentioned is where in your web page you should put. Google assumes that if your page is about a particular topic then you’re more likely to mention that topic nearer the start of the page, […]

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How to get to Page 1 in Google

I’m going to give you the single most important piece of search engine optimisation advice you’ll ever get. I’ve seen clients move up 30 places in Google by doing this one thing. I’ve had clients that have moved to the first page of Google JUST by doing this one thing. And it is so simple […]

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Meta tags don’t help your SEO

When I speak with new clients, they often tell me that they’re surprised that their website isn’t ranking well because ‘all of our meta tags are great’. They’re then very surprised when I tell them that Google doesn’t actually look at meta tags any more so they’re wasting their time. In fact, this isn’t 100% […]

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How the VAT change brought me loads of traffic

One of the things I’m always surprised about is the sheer variety of search terms that people use to find my website. Recently I wrote a very brief post about the impact of the recent VAT changes in the UK and how it would likely affect small businesses.  I didn’t actually write it with the […]

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How to spy on your competitors

If you own a website and you want to get more sales than your direct competitors then it is a really good idea to know and understand what your competitors are doing with their websites. By looking at their websites, you can learn all sorts of things that can really help your own website marketing. […]

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What’s a keyword?

You may have heard the term ‘keyword’ before – in fact, you may even get unsolicited emails from various SEO companies telling you about the keywords on your website! But do you know what a keyword really is and why it is critical to the effective search engine optimisation of your website? Simply put, a […]

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