Indented Listings on Google

Common sense would suggest that having two search results in positions 1 and 2 would be more beneficial than just having one result in the first position. ¬†Google does this if you have two pages that are strong enough to rank for the same keyword, even if the other page is only good enough to […]

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Re-tweeting is the new linking out

There’s a new(ish) website called retweetist which shows the top links that are being tweeted by people on Twitter. There are some big numbers there – articles being tweeted by over 100 people. When you consider how many followers those 100 people have then you’re looking at some serious amount of traffic being driven to […]

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Trust me – I’m an expert

I’m not usually one to boast or blow my own trumpet, but I want to remind you of a post I wrote a few weeks back about the importance of linking out for your website SEO and why you should be doing it with your own website. Why am I reminded you of it?¬† Well, […]

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