PageRank – How to use it wisely

Over the past 3 or 4 months we’ve seen Google update its Toolbar PageRank at least 3 times.  That’s quite unusual because in the past it’s only been once or twice a year that we’ve seen an update. I’ve been fairly scathing of toolbar PR in the past, suggesting that it’s fairly irrelevant when looking […]

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Do something for charity and get a link in return

Today is Comic Relief day in the UK.  It’s a huge event and has people and down the country doing the craziest things all in the name of charity.  It’s a very worthy cause and has raised over £600 million UK Pounds for good causes all around the world. You can do a tiny bit […]

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Linking out? Make sure that they know!

I’ve a strong advocate of linking to other blogs – not just to get links back (although that is a very nice side-effect) but also because I want to share information with my blog readers if I think it’s useful. However, if you’re linking out to other blogs in order to get them to link […]

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Twitter phishing attack

Darren Rowse has written a good overview about Twitter being used as a platform for a phishing attack. It’s a shame that it’s happened and I’m not sure if I can see a way for Twitter to easily stop this happening in future.  But it reminds us to always be wary about clicking link – […]

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Why Search Engine Submission is Bad

I was checking out some of my competitor’s websites a few days ago (something I recommend that you do periodically) and was amazed to see that some of them were still offering a ‘search engine submission’ service. There may have been some value in this service back in 1997 but to offer this as a […]

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How to spy on your competitors

If you own a website and you want to get more sales than your direct competitors then it is a really good idea to know and understand what your competitors are doing with their websites. By looking at their websites, you can learn all sorts of things that can really help your own website marketing. […]

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Do you want links? Then link OUT!

Links. Links. Links.  Any Search Engine Optimisation/Optimization company will tell you that links are one of the most important elements of good website SEO. Whenever I talk to clients about SEO, I explain that a link from another website is seen by Google as a vote for your website.  The more votes you have, the […]

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