Attracting More Traffic with TweetMeme

If you’ve ever had one of your blog posts re-tweeted by a big hitter on Twitter then you’ll know the massive amount of traffic that they can generate. That big wave of traffic can generate additional RSS subscribers and newsletter subscribers as well so it’s not just a one-off benefit. On a smaller scale I […]

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Affiliate programmes

I was speaking with my good friend yesterday, the marketing guru Jim Connolly and we got onto the topic of affiliate programmes.  Jim was telling me that while affiliate programmes are very common online, they also work just as well offline.  In fact, they can be even more powerful offline simply because personal recommendations between […]

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Do you trust search results?

I’ve been meaning to write about the results from this poll for a long time – I’ve finally got around to doing it today. I’ve been thinking a lot about these results and what surprised me the most is that people are willing to trust search results (which can quite easily be gamed/manipulated) over something […]

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The power of the newsletter

Today I want to share an example with you of how powerful a newsletter is at attracting new clients. Recently we launched a new ‘Affordable SEO’ service especially aimed at small and medium sized businesses.  We knew that it was going to be a popular service but we didn’t realise just HOW popular it would […]

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Launch of our Blog Design Service

Many small businesses are now incorporating blogs into their websites and are seeing some amazing results!  What is a Blog? A blog is a website, or an area of a website, that allows you to easily publish your own content.  It’s usually much more informal than a business website, with a mix of articles, tips, […]

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A £100,000 contract in 21 days

One of the most powerful ways to show a visitor to your website how effective / valuable your services are, is through a powerful testimonial.  People expect you to say how great you are – but when a satisfied third-party tells them it is massively more effective.  When a prospective client sees that other people […]

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Our new website design

Those of you who regularly visit our home page at Mass Media Design will have noticed that we have a new website design. It was time for a change – we wanted a fresher design but we also wanted to increase our conversions as well so we’ve implemented a few little features that we’re expecting […]

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How to add a link to your signature in Outlook

  This is a supporting article for our sister website – Small Business Website Marketing. N.B: These steps are for Microsoft Outlook 2007.  For other versions – try this article: Creating a signature Click on the Tools menu item and go to Options -> Mail Format -> Signatures Click on New Give your new signature an […]

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How to makes sales through your website

How to makes sales through your website Nearly every company has a website, but only a very small number of companies are generating regular leads, enquiries and sales through their websites. In this article, I’m going to show you how you can make your company website work for your business and start earning you lots […]

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Does your website say anything about you at all?

One of the great things about my job is that you’re asked to look at lots of different types of websites and suggest what can be done to them to help their search engine performance and their marketing performance. it’s not as simple as one might hope.  I’ve seen some really awful looking websites that […]

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Why blogging is so important to your business

I’ve mentioned before that blogging is a great thing to do for your business but I’ve never really explained why.  So today I’m going to elaborate and show you why, if you’re serious about using your website as a marketing tool for your business, you should be blogging. Blogging isn’t hard.  People see it as a […]

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