Is your website fast enough?

Back in April, Google announced that the speed of your website is a factor in how they rank your site. That’s not ground-breaking.  If a site is dead slow then it makes sense that people will be less impressed by it and less likely to use it.  If they don’t use it then it’s no […]

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Twitter Search is Evolving

CNET reports about two major upcoming changes to Twitter search.  Twitter search has a massive amount of potential but has been seriously overlooked so far.  That’s about to change. Firstly Twitter is about to start crawling and indexing the links that are tweeted to provide a far broader view of what’s popular at the moment.  […]

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How to get to Page 1 in Google

I’m going to give you the single most important piece of search engine optimisation advice you’ll ever get. I’ve seen clients move up 30 places in Google by doing this one thing. I’ve had clients that have moved to the first page of Google JUST by doing this one thing. And it is so simple […]

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Launch of our Blog Design Service

Many small businesses are now incorporating blogs into their websites and are seeing some amazing results!  What is a Blog? A blog is a website, or an area of a website, that allows you to easily publish your own content.  It’s usually much more informal than a business website, with a mix of articles, tips, […]

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How to optimise your title tags

I was asked on Twitter to share some ‘best practice’ tips on web site title tags.  And so I did – in 4 tweets.  I thought that I’d share them with you as a very simple primer on how to start optimising the title tags on your website:   @GinaRubel Keep it under 66 characters, important […]

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How the VAT change brought me loads of traffic

One of the things I’m always surprised about is the sheer variety of search terms that people use to find my website. Recently I wrote a very brief post about the impact of the recent VAT changes in the UK and how it would likely affect small businesses.  I didn’t actually write it with the […]

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Why Search Engine Submission is Bad

I was checking out some of my competitor’s websites a few days ago (something I recommend that you do periodically) and was amazed to see that some of them were still offering a ‘search engine submission’ service. There may have been some value in this service back in 1997 but to offer this as a […]

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