PageRank – How to use it wisely

Over the past 3 or 4 months we’ve seen Google update its Toolbar PageRank at least 3 times. ¬†That’s quite unusual because in the past it’s only been once or twice a year that we’ve seen an update. I’ve been fairly scathing of toolbar PR in the past, suggesting that it’s fairly irrelevant when looking […]

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April 2009 PageRank update

For those of you that follow such things (most SEOs (despite what they say (including me!)), Google updated their Toolbar PageRank yesterday – April Fools day. While such an update has little to no impact on your search engine rankings, it’s an interesting indicator as to whether your SEO efforts are having any effect or […]

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Google updates its Toolbar PageRank

Matt Cutts (Google’s head search spam fighting honcho) has announced that they’ve updated their Google Toolbar PageRank values and you can expect to see the changes in the next couple of days. You mayt be wondering what Toolbar PR is and how this change will affect you.¬† Most SEOs will tell you that it’s totally […]

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