How NOT to use Twitter

Habitat is a pretty well respected brand here in the UK but they have made the most astounding clanger with the use of Twitter and hashtags. Hashtags are words that you paste onto the end of your tweets to add to a larger conversation.  The way it works is that people will use Twitter Search […]

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Has your website been hacked?

The world of search engine optimisation has become so competitive (and lucrative) that for many years now, there have been many dodgy techniques employed to help push websites further up the rankings. Generally, these techniques are far beyond Google’s terms of service and are commonly referred to as ‘Black Hat SEO’. Instead of writing good […]

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Does blog commenting help SEO?

One old SEO technique that I still see is that of blog commenting.   Years ago, it was an easy way to generate links to your website.  All you had to do was leave a comment on a blog and either add your website to the comment or populate the URL field.  Either way, you’d […]

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Twitter Search is Evolving

CNET reports about two major upcoming changes to Twitter search.  Twitter search has a massive amount of potential but has been seriously overlooked so far.  That’s about to change. Firstly Twitter is about to start crawling and indexing the links that are tweeted to provide a far broader view of what’s popular at the moment.  […]

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