VAT rate change could cause website chaos

The Chancellor has announced a cut in the rate of Value Added Tax (VAT) of 2.5%.  This takes the current rate of VAT to 15% and is the first change in the VAT rate since the early 1990s. Back in the 1990s, ecommerce didn’t really exist and so many of the ecommerce systems that have […]

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How to change the title of your web page

The title bar is the most important element of your website with regard to on-site SEO.  What follows is a very simple guide on how to change it for SEO purposes.  This was originally written to accompany the Website Marketing Newsletter.  Visit us here to sign up for your own copy. If you want to […]

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How to makes sales through your website

How to makes sales through your website Nearly every company has a website, but only a very small number of companies are generating regular leads, enquiries and sales through their websites. In this article, I’m going to show you how you can make your company website work for your business and start earning you lots […]

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Moses’ Ten Commandments of Good Website SEO

Not many people know this, but when Moses came down Mount Sinai with the tablets of stone, he also had some rather more lucrative documents that he was given on a USB stick.  After some painstaking research I have managed to get the USB stick working with Windows Vista and have uncovered the 10 commandments of good […]

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