This blog is moving!

I’ve finally lost patience with Subtext so have taken the opportunity to move to WordPress.

Subtext is good, but it’s huge, a nightmare to skin or make any configuration changes too and it’s started to be a bit flaky lately.  Plus I wanted to have a completely separate blog so have take the opportunity to install onto a nice new web host.

You can get to our new Website Marketing Blog here

I’ll still be proving great website marketing tips so please add the RSS feed from to your favourite readers.

For more information on how to move from SubText to WordPress, visit this link.

This blog will stay here for the time being and I’ll probably post Mass Media Design specific entries here.  And I’ll keep providing special high value SEO tips in our MMD newsletter.  Click the link below to subscribe to that and get the inside knowledge on how to get your website sailing to the top of the search results!