Your website is critical for your business.

You’ve invested in a website.  It generates leads and enquiries for your business (at least, it should – if it isn’t then we need to talk) and is the first introduction to your business for potential clients.

For such an important marketing tool, you need peace of mind that it’s going to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without interruption and without breaking or performing badly.

But websites are vulnerable

Websites are easy targets for hackers.  Website software is continually being updated and in the same way that we’ve seen with the NHS WannaCry cyber attack, outdated software can be exploited.

We use WordPress as our website software of choice because it’s easy to use and it’s very secure.  However, the security and performance of a WordPress website is only as good as the latest version of the software – it needs regularly updating to keep it protected.

In the same way that your computer is always updating with software patches and enhancements, your website is the same.  An update for WordPress is released roughly once a month, and updated versions of the various plugins our websites use are being released daily.

These updates need to be applied regularly to ensure your website remains as secure as it can be.

What we do

You can update WordPress and the plugins yourself through the administration area, but if something goes wrong then you’re going to need your web developer to fix it for you.  If they’re busy then you may be facing hours or even days with your website not working.

That’s why we offer a website maintenance service for our clients.  We update our client websites at least once a month (more often for critical security updates) and fully test the updates on a test version of your website before applying the updates to the live website.  We also fully back up your website before applying the updates.

As well as our managed update service, our maintenance service includes the following services:

Daily website backups

We take backups of your website every day, and store daily backups going back 30 days so you can relax knowing that if anything happens to your website we can quickly and easily restore a backup for you.

60 second website monitoring

Our website monitoring software alerts us within 60 seconds if there is a problem with your website.  As soon as we receive the alert we’ll jump on it straight away, liaising with the hosting company if required. In most instances we’ll have you back up and running before you’re even aware there was a problem!

Priority support and maintenance

We’re a busy agency and if our schedule is fully booked with planned work then it may take a few days to schedule non-priority clients into the calendar.

Website maintenance clients benefit from priority support and maintenance where we guarantee a dedicated number of hours for adhoc support requests and planned tasks.  As part of our review meetings (see below), we’ll discuss how best to use this time to continuously improve your website.

Monthly website reporting and enhancements

  • Do you know how your website is being used?
  • Do you know where your visitors are coming from, or what the best performing pages on your website are?
  • Do you know how this month’s website traffic compares to last month?
  • Or how many people contacted you using a form on the website?

Each month we provide easy to read reports on your website’s performance over the past month so you’re completely in the loop and understand how your investment is working for you.

We’ll explain in plain English what’s going well and highlight areas for improvement.

Ongoing website optimisation

Based on the website analytics, we’ll recommend website changes with the aim of improving the number of leads and enquiries you get from your website over the next month.  For example, we may recommend changing the colour or position of a call to action to make it stand out more, or create a landing page for a specific search term.

By regularly making enhancements to your website (using your guaranteed maintenance hours) and then testing and measuring their impact, we’ll continually improve the quality and value of the enquiries your website is generating.

Quarterly website review meetings

Each quarter we’ll arrange a telephone or Skype call with you to discuss and review the performance of the website over the past 3 months and plan the next 3 months.

Instead of your website slowly getting more and more out of date, we’ll ensure your website is always kept fresh and up to date and well ahead of the competition.

Pricing Plans


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There is no contract for any of these plans and you are free to cancel any time. These plans are offered on a subscription basis and do need to be paid monthly in advance.